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This is also NOT a spoiler free blog. kat But bruises like this could easily be covered by a little -well, a lot- of eye make-up. mostly bruises and light cuts that would go away soon and you knew you had to thank Cas about that. A/n: I hate myself for loving Michael so much, but like- he was an interesting character and a good villain. Pairing: Dean x Reader Square filled: Rough Sex Warnings: brief descriptions of violence with what could be perceived as suicidal imagery, rough sex, hair pulling, oral sex (female receiving), sexual intercourse, unprotected sex (not advisable kids!), PWP, SMUT Darling (Dean x Reader) Original Request: Can you do a dean x reader based on Hold On Till May by Pierce the Veil and the reader was abuse but ran away and is a hunter now, but she is suicidal and Dean Winchester x Reader This is an automated feed linked to the Dean Winchester/Reader tag on AO3. “Good morning. Warnings: Fluff. Dean X reader smut Request: Can you do a Dean X reader with smut where you go to ur parents house with Dean for the first time and smut? Warning: Smut ———– “Sammy?” Both him and his brother got the crap beat out of them by that djinn, and if the monster hadn’t made one fatal slip up, they might not have been around to feel the burn of their cuts and bruises. I hope you all enjoy this, I tried hard! Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester - Chapter 12 - The End Title: Picture Perfect Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader (one is eventual but no spoilers, sam x reader Hey there, I'm Maya! Sam Winchester is the love of my life but Dean and Cas are my boys. Word count: 7k. 1 (Dean x Reader AU!) (^^ Melanie Winchester) Big thanks to @jodyri for being a beta to this series!! :D Hope you all enjoy it! You adjusted the sleeve of the t-shirt so the bruises on Follow/Fav A night of fists and tequila Dean x reader. He was always angry and your parents just wanted to ignore him. I write Dean x Reader drabbles and one-shots. 31 May 2015 Bruises “Summary: Dean leaves you with a lot of hickeys and no way to cover up. Characters: Dean / Reader. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. I write Sam Winchester Imagines, One-Shots, and Preferences! Shoot me a request! I do write smut so my blog is NSFW sometimes. Kicking one of my long legs in his direction, I pulled my girlfriend closer, doing my best to hide her away from Dean and Castiel, who was now standing nearby. Word Count: 654. The Motorbike (Jughead x Reader) A/N: Okay, so, I got this request and I thought it was the perfect opportunity for smut so that’s what this is! I have never written smut before so this might be really bad - sorry. He was already mad that you’d gone off on a hunt without a word to him or Sam, but the sight of you Pairing: Gabriel x Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader, Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Castiel x Reader (Platonic), His cuts and bruises were gone, the stick No Damsel Here Pairing: Dean x Reader Warning: none Word Count: approx. “I– I can’t… I can’t lose you Y/N. You’re both interrogated by the police who are convinced that Sam and Dean are running a criminal enterprise. You and Dean grabbed your weapons and hauled ass out of there as fast as you could. Not to mention, you have yet to tell him about the life you were carrying in your tummy. Sam was outside in the Impala ready to go, but your guys’s plan got screwed up when a particular demon was there. Word Count: 2,941. At twenty-two, he was still living with you and your parents, working his useless job at Steak’n’Shake. I attempted this thing like 3 times because this fic is actually TWO firsts for me! First time writing smut (hence why it took me so long) and writing A/B/O! So, I’d love feedback but please be gentle with me lmao. Originally posted by ratatatatatatatatatatatatatata. made excuses for him, hid the bruises, and hid everything from my family. Pairi Dean Winchester x reader one shots. Dean wanted to say Follow/Fav Supernatural x Abused Reader. I like the bruises. Bruises “Protective!Jasper idea: Jasper is in love with the reader and he watches over her in a non-creepy way. Whoever gets closest to the numbers will get a coupon coded or either, 40, 50 or 60% off an item at my store! Pairing: Doctor!Dean x Pregnant!Reader. Edward - You still live at home so he obviously does not live with you. Never Let Go (Dean x Reader) WC: 2,520. A Supernatural x Reader Story Chapter Two: In My Time of Dying Word count: 973 (You can also read it on Wattpad here) Master Post [[MORE]]Bobby was reluctant to let you come, understandably. As it is, they’re exhausted and bloody. A/N: this is a little bit sloppy. Series What Goes Around - Bucky x Reader: upcoming And The Thunder Rolls - Bucky The Saloon ([Dean Ambrose x Sheamus] x female reader) [Suplex City!AU] Rated M for trio content ~The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins): Bookish Part One and Bookish Part Two ([Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns x Seth Rollins] x female reader) [Bodyguard!AU] Rated M for quartet content, trigger warnings listed inside The Eternal Empire strikes against the Sith and Republic alike! However, DARTH OCCULUS, Heir of Kallig, Head of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge is not one to fall so easily. Summary: You and Sam are a bonded pair with four children. Shout out to @honeybeedestiel for submitting the line “Sweetheart, you’re my Marker and Ink (Dean Winchester x Reader) Word Count: 1,389. Bruises in various stages of healing speckle your ass, red He looked at you with tears in his eyes. Pull That Trigger (Part 2) - Demon!Dean x reader fanfic . Bed of Roses Masterlist — Complete Masterlist. So worth the little bruises” Dean watched you until you smiled lazily at him, then his lips twitched into a smile and leaned up to kiss you softly, “That good huh?” You laughed and nodded. Summary: The Reader moves back to Sioux Falls after college to take care of the home front while Bobby travels for the summer. Summary: Dean isn’t the one to pour his heart out. You were headed to some small town in Colorado about 8 hours from the bunker. Warnings: minor angst, but the rest is fluff! A/N: I wrote this drabble and submitted it on another blog, but decided to repurpose it for this one because I love the idea of Doctor Dean so so much. One or two bruises. Pairings - Jensen Ackles & Reader, Jared Padalecki & Reader, Misha Collins & Reader, Rob Benedict & Reader, Richard Speight Jr & Reader, Matt Cohen & Reader, Ruth Connell & Reader, Kim Rhodes & Reader, Briana Buckmaster & Reader. 6k Tags: Fluff, slight moody!Dean You stay up late to greet Dean when he gets back from a hunt. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Hell has no fury. It was more than one chapter and set in an au with Fifty shades where Dean owned a company like Grey did and reader was his assistant who used to work for Grey and was Grey's sub/abused by Grey and left him before ending up with Dean, who helped her overcome her trauma. Your Summary: When Dean gets loose the only way to get out is to play his game but it doesn’t quite go as expected . Warnings: None So Far Summary: Rowena’s pendant goes missing and she enlists Sam’s help to find it. Then when tfw begin explaining all the supetnatural she gets like a flashback and it Soulmate Tracking. Word Count: 907. Got emotional writing this so I hope it doesn’t show too much. Word Count: 422. [[MORE]]Summary: Dean thought that he was way Force - Castiel x Reader (NSFW) It was your way of saying ‘mine’ as his was leaving bruises and hickeys all over your neck and thighs. Are you jealous. Key: w/a = your writing arm. You paused and looked back at him, letting out an audible exhale. It wasn’t long before Dean found a motel in the town you were investigating and was checking you in. Warnings: Soft!Michael, fluff. ” she says with a blissful smile, eyes still Slytherin Outcast - Draco x Reader. Anonymous asked: Hi um bad at talking SOO anyway like your writing and I have have an odd request. I wanted there to be a difference in Dean and abusive bf. Dean distracted you from those thoughts I chose Dean x Reader and Fat-Bottomed Girls by Queen. don't be shy, guys. Dean x reader. I'll live. when Y/N starts dreaming about the mark, she knows something is wrong, but what she doesn’t know is that she “Sam! Hey!”, Dean’s voice echoed off the dingy walls of the motel. You didn't want to open your eyes, and hoped that Dean and Sam would think you  28 Nov 2014 Show You Mine // Dean x Reader Sam had come out of it relatively unharmed, maybe some bruises, and Dean had been the same. Read Bruises, Tears, and Hate from the story Dean Ambrose x reader by RosieHargrove (BeamerBoyRosieHardyHargrove) with 571 reads. I’m back bitches!! sam winchester smut sam winchester x reader sam winchester x you dean winchester dean winchester smut dean winchester imagine dean Wait for Me To Come Home. But Dean was always there for you. Most nights, he waits for your family to go to sleep, then sneaks into your bedroom through the window, and you spend the night talking until you fall asleep in him arms. The girl staggered, her feet barely lifting with each heaved step she took that urged her forward. Feb 14, 2016 · Silly Little Love Songs (Dean x reader) <3. Anon Request: Can you write a oneshot where reader, who used to hunt with the winchesters, shows up at their motel room one day after 6 months awol because dean cheated on her so she left, and is stumbling and severely injured and says it was a hunt but when dean is patching her up he sees handprint-shaped bruises on her hips and confronts her But as you bounded out of the kitchen you didn’t hear Dean mutter, “That’s what I’m afraid of…” supernaturalfreewill spn spn fanfics spn imagines gif imagines supernatural team free will dean winchester squirrel dean imagines dean fanfics dean fluff dean x reader sister!reader Let's play a game! The rules are simple: Reblog this post with a number from 1 to 100. Warnings: trigger (rape: see A/N), angst, danger to the reader, injury to the reader, some swearing, angry Dean. You shoved at Dean’s shoulder and he did the same to you. Warnings: fluff, crack, swearing, Dean being a little shit, just a little something, really Dean Winchester X Reader: Abused Masterlist Request Submit Become A Member Prompt: Reader’s father has been abusing her for a while, and he nearly beats reader to death until Dean/Sam come to the The Thunder Roars (Dean x Reader) Title: The Thunder Roars Summary: Life has a funny way of screwing you over. Little do you know- Dean x Reader. 900 A/N: I just felt like writing. “No. Requested by Anon. 5 - The Monster Summary: Sam and Dean are out on a case leaving (Y/N) alone in the Bunker. Silence In The Library Pt. You found bruises and cuts quickly forming all over his face. A/N: Feeling a little lonely lately and needed my Sammy. Warnings: Death of a little girl, cursing, gore. By: Oh Dean is gonna flip the fuck out. Escaping Hell part 2- CrowleyPrompt - part 2 of escaping Hell Pairing Lucifer x reader (forced) Crowley x reader (eventually) Warnings - humiliation, blood, torture, possible trigger warnings part I get it that it can be very irritating, but personally I think it’s more irritating when some hmm I don’t know let’s say Tony x reader is also tagged as Thor x reader. Nighttime pt 1 - Cullen’s. Word Count: 2k (including lyrics). So I just started writing my FIRST EVER SPN reader insert. Warnings: Pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms, reader gets hurt, blood. (Y/n) knew that for sure. A/N: This chapter contains a somewhat descriptive account of rape. Somehow he and Sam always found a motel with three beds in a room. What’s even more difficult is trying to hide the hickeys he left you the day Part One. It was originally only 1600 words and the story was actually very different. Using her knowledge of ghost binding, her spirit escapes her demise, fleeing to a distant world, where she plans to bide Rough Edges (Dallas Winston x Reader) A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been so active lately, I’ve been on summer vacation, and that entails having no wifi for quite some time. love, crush, fanfiction. So when he does, you smell something fishy. I do not own any of the stories and I found the header and avatar online. ” As his eyes adjust to the dim lighting, Dean is able to make out the girl's features. A low angered growl emits from Rowena’s throat, her blood red nails digging into the flesh of her pale palm as she realizes her pendant is missing. You?” “Same. Black Cat (Peter Parker x Reader) Warnings: smut During the day the reader is a shy girl who has a crush on Peter, at night she is a thief called Black Cat. Dean wants nothing more than to see his daughter, hold her, make sure she’s really okay. One of my good friends little sisters just died she was only four and I never really met her but I noticed how much it actually jared padalecki jensen ackles supernatural dean winchester misha collins sam winchester spn fanfic spn imagine spnedit spn fluff spn sam winchester imagine sam winchester x y/n sam winchester x you sam winchester x reader sam x you sam x y/n sam x reader dean winchester imagine dean winchester x y/n dean winchester x you dean winchester x # dean x reader # reader x dean # dean x you # dean x y/n His eyes went straight to the bruises that covered your torso and he ran his warm hands over them before Dean’s hand reached down, threatening to pull [Y/N] out of my grasp and into his arms. So every year the reader’s family has a christmas dinner and the Jan 01, 2020 · filed under: #spn masterlist #writing masterlist #mine #sam winchester x reader #dean winchester x reader #castiel x reader #jared padalecki x reader #jensen ackles x reader #mick davies x reader #alexander calvert x reader #spn poly Sam x Dean x reader threesome where they use bondage the brutal pace Dean sets overpowering any other sensation as each violent thrust bruises your cervix. Deciding to go out for food she is suddenly taken by Andrew. Safe and Sound (Sister!Reader X Winchester Brothers) So, this is actually an older piece that I wrote way back in 2014. Anonymous said: George Weasley x reader with prompt 76 from the 100 prompts list with George saying it to the reader right before the battle of Hogwarts and they get separated during the battle but Sam rolled his eyes as the two of you launched into bickering. Jan 02, 2017 · I wish (Dean Winchester X Reader Drabble) Crimson drops fell against the pristine white show, veins shooting out into the crystals around as it sunk in. Dean X Reader Summary - You and Dean’s daughter finally says her first word but it’s not exactly what you guys expected Fluff You were sitting in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner while dean fed both of yours young daughter behind you. Originally I planned this to be a angry Dean fic but as it developed I realized the whole reason Dean is so good for the reader is because he would choose her over violence. Apr 25, 2016 · Gabriel x Soulmate! reader. Warnings: Like two swears. Warnings: flangsty with an angst leaning. Title: Midnight Man (Part 1 of 2) Summary: Imagine Dean dumping you (despite knowing your fear of being alone) with hopes that you’d find someone better than him. I started this blog because I wanted, for all the "Dean-Girls", to be a central location for all the amazing Dean x Reader imagines here on Tumblr. I can push on them The Damned. Of course, he was always quiet compared to the over-excited and rambunctious twenty-four-year old he was well over a decade ago. Pairings: Reader x Dean, Platonic Sam x Reader, Jessica x Sam, Father!Bobby x Daughter!Reader, Crowley x Reader, Jody Mills, Bobby x Ellen, Mary Winchester. Pairing: Demon Dean X Reader. He sighed and then raised the volume of his voice, this time not talking to you or your twin, but to the other store patrons. “[Y/N], this is Sam and Dean Winchester. Requested By: Anon . FILTHY SMUT. Young Dean x Reader / Young Peter x Reader. As always, sorry for any misspellings. A/N: So I love Black Cat a lot so I decided Dean Winchester x Reader. She knows he’s a vampire, she’s close with his family, but she’s dating a total asshole. 20 Nov 2016 Dean cringed in seeing you in pain, seeing the bruise across your right cheek, your busted lip. Soo… this is fluff, fluff, fluffiness, there’s some implied smut, tiny bit of angst if you squint, and the reader I wrote with a little anxiety and self-consciousness so I could connect a Late Nights (Dean Winchester x Reader) Words: 3. “Oh Dean  17 Sep 2016 Scrapes, cuts, and bruises littered his gorgeous raven wings, not a spot Can you do a deanxreader songfic to the song us by regina spektor. MY REASON (NEWT X READER) Request: Number #12 with Newt? (Fluffy) Y/N wakes to the feel of Newt’s fingers combing through her hair. ANYONE UNDER 18 NEEDS TO BOUNCE THE FRICK OFF THIS PAGE. You punched his cheeks, his lip, his eyes. Disturbia (Winchesters X Reader) *PART TWO* Part One “It all started when I moved here with my dad,” you began, your head in between your knees as you sniffled, your nose running from the consistent Pairings: Reader x Dean, Platonic Sam x Reader, Jessica x Sam, Father!Bobby x Daughter!Reader, Crowley x Reader, Jody Mills, Bobby x Ellen, Mary Winchester. ne-gans: Hands All Over. Dean Winchester was quieter than normal. [[MORE]]You sat awake reading for longer than you An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Can I Get A Kiss? Pt. This is also probably shit, so ye be warned. I've had someone send me one anonymously on Tumblr before be Read Demon!Dean x Reader - My Saviour (Part 1) from the story Supernatural Imagines by Nina52 (Bikini Inspector) with 620 reads. So if you are easily offended or this is a trigger for you, please do not read! ⚠️Read at your own risk⚠️ Summary: Dean is in love with Y/N, Jo wants what isn’t hers and Mafia boss Ellen gives John Winchester an ultimatum that will change the lives of everyone involved. Originally posted by justjensenanddean Pairing: Doctor!Dean x Pregnant!Reader. Pregnant(Loki X Reader)[One-shot] SYNOPSIS: Loki had been gone on a mission for a week and you were worried about him. You placed a hand on his cheek. Request: I know you have a couple of requests but could I request a oneshot with Dean Winchester x reader where the reader is a hunter and finds out she’s pregnant? And maybe Dean doesnt like her at first, but they warm up to each other, and they end up together? Request: can u do one where the reader has a pixie cut Request: Could you do a oneshot where the reader is being chased by demons and steals the impala to get away. " lovers of Supernatural (TV Show) Join Now Create Post Dean Winchester x Reader: Wish Upon A Star Your knuckles go white as you clench your fists in front of the dirtied motel mirror, streaked and speckled with grime and all manner of unappealing things. Click here for my masterlist. Requested by anonymous: Can you do one where the reader is hunting with Sam and Dean and they go to the hospital to check the bodies and the doctor and (y/n) tease and flirt with eachother causing Dean to get jealous? No Strings Attached Part 1: Freckles Summary: Your roommates old friend moves to town and the two of you quickly strike up a no strings attached relationship. Don’t know how I feel ab it tho or if I wanna do a more extended version. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in my SPN fics or anything else I write for. Dean nodded, and you twisted the knob and pushed inside. Dean carried you to his room and laid you down under his sheets, climbing in behind you and wrapping an arm around your waist. I will have picked 4 numbers also. Dean Request: Hiii :D Uhm can you please do a request where the reader is raised into the hunting business by her Aunt becuase she’s the only one in the family who can handle it (the reader has 2 brothers) and so she left her home and moved in with the winchesters (dean x reader). Could I be added to your Marvel Taglist? I love your stories Sure thing, sweetie!! Thank you very much 😊 One-Shots Santa Baby - Bucky x Reader: reader surprises Bucky with a cute little lap dance just in time for Christmas. Mostly smut, but can also do fluff if requested. You looked down and saw Dean looking at you with an intense concern, “No, Dean, I’m fine. Jul 31, 2016 · Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader. She is hoping for a quiet Unfortunate Bruises “Y/N, your father wants to see you in the main living room,” FRIDAY said from the speakers. destiel destiel x reader dean winchester dean x you Tracey's World I don't own the characters, I just control them! Writing for SOA, CM, NCIS, & SPN! Now adding Hawaii Five-0 Please enjoy, and remember to be kind! @pepewinchester: I just wanted (this is gonna sound weird) to have 1) a happy ending, 2) smut, 3) possesive!Dean, and clingy!Dean 4) Dean x reader, and maybe some sastiel in there too? Thank you so much @pepewinchester for requesting, I hope this is what you wanted and sorry for any grammar mistakes or typos. Everyone at Beacon Hills High was abuzz with chatter as the shiny black car roared into the carpark. Bell Requested Prompt: Imagine being the Winchesters little sister and the boys and Castiel finding out your boyfriend abuses you. But you weren’t trying to get Sam off of you, you were trying to hurt him back. Another hunt, another monster put down, another town full of civilians saved as they stumble about their daily lives, still oblivious to the Doll (Sam x Reader) Original Request: Hey hey!! I was wondering if you could write a SamxReader one shot where they have kinda “passionate” sex but Sam hurt the reader (like bruises her hips or A Tie and A Belt. But when you meet 3 years later, he’s hit by guilt and regret when he discovers you’d remained single since he left you. Supernatural X Reader stories Pain And Peace- Dean X Reader. That is all. “It’ll be on time this time,” I said. It’s not as long as I usually make them, but I hope you enjoy it!! As always your reblogs, likes and comments are appreciated. AU- you’re high school students. Quiet (Dean Winchester x Reader) Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader. A Supernatural x Reader Story Chapter Twenty-Eight: Taxi Driver Word count: 4580 (You can also read it on Wattpad here) Masterlist [[MORE]]“No one wants to get into Hell,” the reaper Ajay informs you, 28 Sep 2014 Bruises Title: Bruises Pairing: Reader x Dean Word count: 4191 Theme Sam and Dean were sitting at the far table across one another, lore  Read Bruises (Dean Winchester x Reader) from the story Multifandom Imagines And Oneshots by ImagineTheFandoms (AttackOfTheFandoms) with 229 reads. Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader . [thanks for the request! :) @wingedcatninja ] Originally posted by demondetoxmanual Concern, confusion, relief. Oddly enough I wrote this before I even really knew he was making an album lol. Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader. A/N: Hi! So this is just another Arthur X Reader drabble that I felt like writing. Why don’t you ask Five?” You spat, still keeping an eye on your target from behind your sniper rifle. So you hid the bruises from them and everyone else, not wanting to draw attention to your family. Not to mention, you have yet to tell him about the life you were carrying in your Your brother was a jerk. Supernatural One-shots• A Shoulder to Cry On (Rowena x reader) • Absence (Rowena x reader) • Acting for Dummies 101 (Rowena x reader) • Against All Odds (Rowena x reader) • Attention Whore (Rowena x Nobody Else. supernatural imagine dean x reader dean x y/n supernatural one shot supernatural fanfic spn imagine spn imagines spn one shot reader x dean spn reader insert supernatural reader insert spn drabble dean winchester sam winchester out of the shadows part II anawritesspn imagines anawrites Burning the Past Pairing: Dean x Reader Description: Dean struggles with the aftermath of a decision the Reader makes. imagines, dean, castiel. Summary: Dean needs a babysitter for his two kids, but he doesn’t expect someone from his past to show up at his front door. Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader, Jensen Ackles x Misha, Jensen Ackles x Jared, Jensen Ackles x Jessica, Reader X OFC Alex. Sleepy - Bucky Barnes x Reader Anonymous said to rogerthat-bucky: OMG 127 with bucky “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…” “Ah,” you hissed out as you clutched your ankle. And you’re right. River Deep, Mountain High - (Dean Winchester x Reader) Summary: Dean overcoming his stubbornness and overprotective ways and admitting just how awesome you really are. Pairing: Dean x Reader . She has bruises on her one day and Jasper sees them. 16 Aug 2015 Sam helped him carry them inside, you see the blood and bruising on his knuckles, the dark mark around his eye, and the cut on his lip. Its a long drive and when they get there, Dean leaves (Y/N) in the Impala while he takes the bags inside. So here you go. I had an idea so I just scribbled it down and this is the product. So that everyone can easily find them all and it makes me happy. I’m hoping to make this into a little drabble series because I have some more ideas about this dad!Arthur scenario that I’m kinda dying to write out :) Hello! I was wondering if anyone on here could help me find an older Dean fic. Focus on me (Sweet Pea X Reader) Some bigger cuts and bruises all over, but you’re lucky to be alive. “Tell him I’m working on a cure for world peace,” I said, annoyed. sam x reader Hey there, I'm Maya! Sam Winchester is the love of my life but Dean and Cas are my boys. But thankfully, she always had a hero waiting in the Dean x Reader Warnings: Dean and reader stitch each other up, other than that, nada! Requested by: Anonymous! “Dean and (Y/N) decide to meet up with Sam and take a small vacation at Bobby’s. 5 Jan 2018 Taken By Satangif is not mine Pairing: Lucifer x Reader Word Count: 1616 Warnings: angst, abusive parents, If they yelled at each other more, you wouldn't have so many bruises. Ashamed of Me? (Dean x Reader) These last few months being with Dean, had made the rest of your life worth the pain. Click here for my prompt lists. This was requested by @jn-wolf with prompt 77. You're parents were still hounding you about being 'True to who you are' and to continue your training as a witch, but at least you had him. You and Dean hardly heard him. Thanks for stopping by. Dean x Reader One Shot. Summary: The Mark of Cain had been a burden since the day Dean had gotten it. But then they`re finding out about reader`s drawing. After saying goodbye you and the boys hit the road. Spammers have used them all before you and gotten those names flagged in the anti-spam databases. “Would you two quit it? We’re in a store,” Sam scolded. I’m not really sure how good it may be because I haven’t actually watched Supernatural but I’ve read half- a- million reader inserts and watched clips with him so, yeah. Chapter 1. Pairing: Dean x Reader, Dean x Jo. send in your requests. You Dean trailed behind you as you made your way to the door, your fingers clasping the handle. Pairing - Sub! Dean Winchester x Dom! Reader . The Great Game - Chapter 11 (Sherlock fic) Chapter Summary: The stakes of the Game raise even higher when Moriarty takes you on a little trip of a London landmark. ” “I love you Castie X Reader Request: Request: Could you do one where the reader is saved by Cas and brought to the bunker. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Warnings: Mention of abuse, languageNote: by the way, I don't say this enough, but I'd like to thank you all for the hearts on this story and the comments. Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. sam x you sam x y/n sam winchester x reader sam winchester x you sam x reader sam winchester smut sam smut sam winchester one shots sam winchester imagine sam winchester one shot sam winchester oneshot sam winchester oneshots sam winchester imagines spn imagines spn smut spn oneshots dean winchester dean x reader dean x you castiel oneshots A mother-of-one who visited her GP with strange bruises died a week later after a rare cancer diagnosis. letting out a series of giggles and motioning towards the series of cuts and bruises on Dean’s face and your own What about Dom!Dean where reader has a kink for his hands? — Anonymous. He was clawing at his brother fiercely, so were you. Warnings - None, just fluff because there isn’t enough spn cast x reader. Mobile Masterlist. Characters: Nurse!Reader x Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester Word Count: 2920 Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, discussion of previous traumas A/N: The one where Dean realizes his ass is indeed, not a hat. Hi!Would you be so kind as to do a thing where Cas and the reader are close friends but they both kind of have feelings for each other in a "everyone can see it but them", more than friends less than relationship, type of way, and the bros are teasing them about it nonstop. She strikes him as . There may be NSFW content in this blog. It's mostly going to be Dean x reader, but I do take requests for other characters too. You gestured for Dean to wait just inside the door, where he would be out of sight until Bobby and Sam were both there. Warnings - Smut (18+ babey) Another shot went down his throat and you just watched, enthralled by the sheer emptiness of it all. . Your brother was a jerk. Enjoy! pairing: Dean-Charles Chapman x reader. “Don’t touch her. Again. I just burst into tears while listening to the cover of Photograph by Boyce Avenue and Bea MIller because this storyline just hit me, hard. I write Sam Winchester Imagines, One-Shots, and Preferences! Dec 18, 2015 · Dean came immediately afterwards, his head thrown back against the back of the sofa, his hands gripping your hips so tightly you were sure you’d have fingerprint bruises tomorrow but you were too tired to care. Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam x Red (SPN Lucifer X Reader) Summary: It can be difficult to focus on work when Lucifer himself is flirting with you. I just can’t. a pain much worse than the cuts and bruises on your body. It would probably annoy me too, but like you said. Pairings: Sam x reader Sam and Dean had gone to hunt a Djinn, and they told me, it would be a standard run – three  10 Jul 2018 Pairing: Doctor!Dean x Pregnant!Reader. If you wish to be tagged (or not anymore) in any of my stories, let me know! Bruises (Dean x Reader) (Part l) Title: Bruises Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader Author: Jordan Word Count: 1,057 Author’s Note: Hello lovelies! I apologize for not posting for a while. 6 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 @ellen-reincarnated1967 @teamfreewill-imagine @adriellej @jodyri @mrssamfuckingwinchester @growningupgeek @justanotherdeangirl25 Master List Castiel • Bonnie and Clyde Part 1 • Bonnie and Clyde Part 2 • Bruises • Bruises Part 2 • If You Insist • Little Green Monster • Livin’ On A Prayer • Lovebug • Storm • These Fragile Walls • Sam x Reader- I’m Sorry Sam x Reader- I’m sorry Words: 459 Warnings: Violence, demon blood, Sam hurting reader (you get the idea) A/N- Just a little rewrite of a story I never put here, working on a Jan 25, 2016 · Meet the Freaks. “I’m fine. Request: Soulmate AU where whatever marks are on your skin also appears on your soulmate’s skin? With Dean, maybe? Dean Winchester had always known that if he had a soulmate, he or she would definitely be thoroughly confused by all of Unspoken pt. He pulled away and studied your bruises. Enjoy! Michael!Dean x Reader. showing them bruises I’ve Had Worse (Dean X Reader) Summary: Dean remembers how he hurt you when he was a demon and the reader tells him that it’s okay. Anyway, I actually found this piece I wrote a while ago in my notes, and it really brought up my feelings for Dally. 19 Nov 2016 Kiss and Make Up Title: Kiss and Make Up Pairing: Reader x Model!Sam Word Count: 2389 Warnings: Mentions of bruises Beta: @waywardlullabies @ fangirling-instead-of-working , @spnsimpleman , @faith-in-dean  9 Apr 2015 “Bumps and bruises. can i request a reader insert wherein the reader is a He pulled her hands away from her face to check for bruises or Hell has no fury - Kindle edition by Hamid, Dean. Summary: When injured on a solo case, y/n finds herself being saved by the last person she expected- if she could even call him that… human. Written for: @spnkinkbingo and @supernatural-jackles #weekly writing challenge, prompt will be in bold below. Demon!Dean is past tense so this just are the events after Sam and Cas cured him. Not having the old Dean around made things hard for you at times, you would spend most nights babysitting him while Sam tried to find a cure. Just a couple of scratches. Derek had pulled you away from Peter to go and see the car and you realised that nearly every girl in your years was gathered around, although none of them were looking at the car. Originally posted by justjensenanddean Protective!Dean x Reader . The Only Secret (Dean x Reader) Word Count: 1,907. Warnings: minor angst, but the rest is fluff! A/N: I wrote this drabble and submitted it  22 Nov 2014 Doll (Sam x Reader) Original Request: Hey hey! where they have kinda “ passionate” sex but Sam hurt the reader (like bruises her hips or. Word Count: 864. “I love you, Y/N. ” Dean was looking passionately into your eyes. I wanted to spread the word. Trigger warning: mentions of Pairing: Dean x Reader. Words: 1618. I’m just glad that you made it through,” you smiled gently. those were just a few of the emotions that covered Dean’s features when he walked into the garage, you standing there a little worse for wear with a couple of cuts and bruises. Pregnant(Loki X Reader)[One-shot]SYNOPSIS: Loki had been gone on a mission for a week and you were worried about him. By: You grabbed your boxes and headed into the hotel room and Dean handed you a fake ID card. The like a week or two later the boys find the impala with the reader badly injure. She is hoping for a quiet Runaway: Chap. I get it. warnings: smut, aggression, swearing, You knew his fingers would leave bruises and, in a way, you wanted them too. Dean kept glancing over at Y/N as they walked – well, Dean limped – down the hallway into Reader Request: Anon. Crowley X Reader Prompt: Sam and Dean left you in charge of watching Crowley while they go on a hunt, Crowley is going thought human blood withdrawal. Bruises. Of course, Cas has questions Words: 882 Dean x Reader  8 May 2017 Bruised and Battered Masterpost Dean Winchester x Reader Story Summary: Being friend with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best  8 Jan 2018 Bruises and Brothers Requested **Trigger warning: mention of abuse Dean glared at his brother before turning back, mumbling something there could you please do a jack x reader where she takes a day to show him a  14 Jan 2017 Bruised foot Pairing: dean x sister! Reader Sam x sister! Reader Summary: you had a little accident on the hunt and you overprotective brothers  19 Jun 2015 Signs From Last Night's Sexy Times ~Dean Winchester~ “Dude, are Dean pulled Sam's sweater off to reveal bruises all over his neck and  8 Mar 2018 Mostly Reader x. When something happens that almost breaks Dean, can you put the past aside to help him, or will what Dean did to you be too much to overlook? Dean x Reader. Warnings: Mentions of nightmares and death. A/N: When I orginally wrote this chapter I didn’t even know who Steve Carlson was, so the Steve in this story isn’t him lol. Pairing: Rowena MacLeod X Fem! Reader . Miss Me? (Sam x reader) Imagine: Sam and Dean are away on a hunt, and you get a little lonely. 3 (Dean Ambrose x Reader) Woo boy, part three! “Post it after New Years”, I said. We just have to scroll a bit and voilà, it’s gone. Your smile faltered and you whispered, “Sorry about Baby” Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader. Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam (mentioned), Cas (mentioned) Warning: angst, fluff, demon!dean, abuse, injuries, guilty Dean, sad Dean. A/N: I’m really sorry. Request are OPEN. Sarah Armstrong, 22, died on February 1 after doctors told her she was living with acute The Great Game - Chapter 11 (Sherlock fic) Chapter Summary: The stakes of the Game raise even higher when Moriarty takes you on a little trip of a London landmark. Warnings: PLEASE READ talk of anxiety and panic attacks. I Believe In Miracles [Dean Winchester] [SMUT] Warnings: SMUT. Drying your hands you turned around and smiled at the sight in front of you. How long will the two of you be able to I want to feel alive again (Billy/Four x Reader) TW: Language, Blood “Eight, I need a hand !” “Well I’m kind of busy right now. For prospective new members, a word of warning: don't use common names like Dennis, Simon, or Kenny if you decide to create an account. Warnings: Smut, Angst. ”Sam! Worth the Wait. Jul 25, 2019 · Master List *If you find a link that does not work, or that goes to the wrong story, please let us know* [[MORE]]Castiel • Bonnie and Clyde Part 1 • Bonnie and Clyde Part 2 • Bruises • Bruises Part Author’s Note: Reader requested Dean x reader. ” I sobbed, resting my forehead against her temple. And when he looked at your arms, the bruises  10 Jul 2014 I was wondering if you could do a Sam imagine where the reader is in an she has to stay in bed for some days because she was pretty bruised and Dean nodded and looked back at you, his jaw setting into a hard place. Imperfect Little Demon (Demon!Dean x reader) - Dean is a demon and Sam and the reader have been attempting to cure him for two months to no avail. This fic is designed to be a comfort to people with anxiety, HOWEVER if you are not able to read things about uncontrolled anxiety and panic attacks DO NOT READ THIS ***SIGNAL BOOST THIS IF YOU KNOW PEOPLE IT CAN HELP*** Under the Stars (Taemin x Reader) (gif credit to GDinosaure) Under the Stars Taemin x Reader (Taemin of SHINee) One-Shot a/n: pure fluff. SPN Masterlist Sharing is Caring - Billie Dean Howard x Fem!Reader x Cordelia Goode(½) Prompt by @taciales: So Billie x R x Delia, and they`re all still not dating, but Billie and Delia know about each others crush on reader, and they don`t mind to be in a poly reliationship with the reader. The Jealous Type (Dean x reader) - Dean tags along to the reader’s high school reunion where meeting one of her ex’s makes him feel threatened. dean x reader bruises

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